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Ride the white horse!

The Unicorn

Another Chance

The Magic of Renewal

Prepare to be enchanted!

The mystic mythic unicorn – beneficent horse with a horn on his forehead – is a powerful image that has fascinated writers, poets, and dreamers everywhere.

But few actually realise what it represents!

Master magician S. Rob now reveals the wonderful meaning of this wondrous creature.

The unicorn brings the opportunity for a second chance.

He represents lost hopes restored. He is the spirit of personal renewal.

S. Rob presents a programme of ‘Good Magic’, for the unicorn is the embodiment of everything good.

Whatever or however the unicorn has been portrayed in fiction cannot capture his true soul-changing and life-changing significance.

Only now can the meaning of the unicorn be understood and applied – to wondrous effect!

Yes, he is the spirit of the second chance. We all need ‘a second chance’!

In childhood we possess gifts and talents which we are invariably robbed of in the transitions to maturity.

Most of us miss our childhood – and in particular the things that made us happy then.

Only the unicorn can bring back these lost feelings and talents.

People lose talents they once had – but the unicorn can bring them back.

The unicorn can bring back the power to love again; and the joy of experiencing life as a wonder.

Life and its responsibilities impoverishes the spirit. The unicorn reverses the process!

We can be renewed, restored, and revitalized!

You can be truly creative again!

Mentally you can start afresh!

Yet the unicorn brings more: the power to take charge of your life; even the power to be rich!

The unicorn is not a fanciful idea – it is a highly potent magical representation of something we all need – yet somehow eludes us!

It puts back into your life what was taken. Magically.

At last you can feel a true liberation of spirit. For the unicorn is the epitome of freedom.

Follow the techniques here and you will experience a wondrous lifting of spirit as you are transported by the magic horse!

In this simple booklet lies a joy to discover – a joy which could recharge your life!

Meet the unicorn now!

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