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Supplications to the Golden Light

To ‘supplicate’ is to ask.

If you can picture a golden ball of light – if only for a moment– you are already half way to achieving what you seek through this wondrous power.

Mystic-author Audra has discovered a universal secret healing and prospering power which responds to picturing this light!

Her book contains simple supplicationsthat take only moments of the supplicant’s time. No candles or equipment are required; and no arduous bouts of meditation and visualization.

Through this healing and prospering glow your life is opened to the things that you want. Audra shows you how to: bring fast help for yourself and your loved ones, no matter what the difficulty.

This power can heal yourself and others. The exact supplications are given in this easy to follow book.

You can pass any exam or test with this power.

You can make yourself irresistible to others, whether for friendship or for physical needs.

Through this power you can enhance your life materially and financially. And if you own or run any kind of business there is a supplication here for more customers and more sales!

‘This is a mighty force for good which sweeps away all opposition’, says Audra.

It even renders those who may conspire against you powerless, she says!

She discovered this power concealed in the ancient texts of Hinduism. This does not mean that one must be a Hindu – in fact most Hindus have no idea of such supplications.

One can be of any faith, for the power of the golden light transcends all, working for all who believe!

You will find here the supplications for: fertility … success in general … gaining psychic abilities … helping someone in need; and more!

Gaining peace of mind and freedom from tension … bringing any kind of change to happen … getting a particular person to become attracted to you.

It is so simple, requires minimal effort and only a few minutes, so long as you believe, no matter what your religion!

These supplications will open doors.

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