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Sweeten Your Luck!


Sweeten Your Luck

Carole Colmore writes -

It was my great grandmother who taught me the old country magick of Salt Spells. A wise lady, she lived a happy and contented life, and would always say 'A little sprinkling of sugar can sweeten your luck'.
She was right. I have been blessed over and over again by this simple piece of folklore.
I use sugar all the time to sweeten my life (though I don't take it with my tea!).
Twice in the last six months alone I have won £17,000 on the horses (that's about $33,000 in American money).
I enter various lotteries and whilst I am yet to get 'the big one' I am not complaining. I get back, on average, £9 on every £1 I Bet.
Three months ago I unexpectedly found myself out of a job when my employers went bankrupt. But I don't know if I really do want to find another job, for there is just so much to enjoy in life - and sugar spells just keep sweetening it.
My brother was desperate to get a particular job. I gave him a sugar spell to do. He laughed saying, 'this is nonsense!' I said try it anyway - what's there to lose?
he got a job - and learnt that there were 33 other applicants for it.
I do competitions all the time. I have three TV sets and Two DVD players: all won as prizes. I got my washing machine the same way.
two years ago I won a luxury two-week Mediterranean cruise as a first prize.
I could go on, but really, you need to try these sugar spells for yourself.
Each spell is simplicity itself. All you need to have to hand is a teaspoon of sugar. This is not black magick; and anyone of any faith or creed can do it without compromising their beliefs. They are safe and easy - a child could do them. There are no 'magick words' to recite, and no candles or equipment of any kind. No visualizing either!
I don't believe in coincidence. I see people everywhere with bad luck, their lives dogged by trouble. It is hard to believe they have a guardian angel looking over them. On the other hand, some folk just seem to have everything go their way.
I am not suggesting that they are performing spells - and would they tell you if they were? - but I know my luck isn't coincidence.
Money is not everything of course. When my best friend was beset by a stomach ulcer I urged her to try a sugar spell. The ulcer disappeared completely after three weeks.
I have always been prone to asthma: a couple of years ago it seemed particularly bad. The sweetening spell brought me relief.
Obviously you shouldn't use these spells as a substitute for medication; but I do ask you to have an open mind. I don't believe in coincidence.
I cast a sugar spell on behalf of my ailing aunt. She made a complete recovery.
Her cat suffered a mysterious stomach disorder which baffled the vet. I loved this cat and thought there was nothing to lose by performing a sugar spell. Two weeks later the cat was back to her bright self: eating well, her insides working perfectly.
Perhaps it was 'coincidence', but I don't believe in coincidence.
Each sugar spell in my booklet takes no more than a few minutes to do. You may think it's nonsense - but what if it isn't?
A friend of mine thought it was silly. But she was crazy about a fellow who showed little interest in her. 'OK - even if it's "silly" like you say, why not try it for a laugh and see what happens?' A week later he asked her out. They subsequently became lovers.
My own boyfriend was paying too much interest in a friend for my comfort. I did my little sugar spell, and even I was astonished at his sudden indifference to her.
My great grandmother told me how her brother was devastated by his wife's departure with another man. A sugar spell was cast. She left the other man and returned to her husband.
Another time my own brother was bothered by a neighbour who kept intruding. The neighbour stopped bothering him almost immediately the sugar spell was in place.
If you are in dispute with a neighbour a sugar spell can give you the advantage. It can also make someone move away.
Sugar Spells can be applied to a host of situations: Obtaining a pay rise... bringing peace and harmony into the home... protection from burglary... making someone pay back what they owe; or return to you what is rightfully yours. This magick can also be used to end a relationship, or to get someone out of your life. On the other hand sugar spells can be used to heal a relationship.
They were man and wife but their marriage was heading for disaster... In one last attempt to save it she cast a sugar spell. Not only did the 'impossible' occur but they became happier than they had been at any time!
it's time to sweeten your life!


This is a White Magic Book.

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