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Magical Secret Of The Night


Magical Secret of the Night

Let the Moon-Goddess bless you with good fortune!
Let the heavenly Lady of Night bring you luck in love!
Let Her bring you prosperity, winnings, and a charmed life!
Let Her bring you health, beauty, youthfulness, vigour!

From time immemorial humankind has been entranced by the nearest heavenly light – the Moon!
This silvery orb which affects so much on Earth – in particular woman’s moods and cycles – has always been mythically perceived as the Heavenly Woman – the eternal Goddess!
‘Moon-Water: Magical Secret of The Night’ by Scorpio reveals in an easy way how to tune into the lunar water-rhythms and be blessed beyond your wildest dreams!
For the simple spells and rituals in this book you need – usually – only the presence of moonlight and a glass of water!
Moon Magic has never been easier!
From the four corners of the planet occultist author Scorpio has collected simple Moon Spells and Rituals that time and again have been proven to work.
End your financial worries now!
Filipino Jenny C. was stone broke when she was given the instructions for the Invisibility Spell of the New Moon. The author asked her to stay in touch. She did. The spell gave her access to the astral planes which changed the course of her life forever! Her luck changed within days, and continued to improve. Within a year she had become area manager of a large corporation, making P100,000 – an enviable salary in the Philippines!
The Moon-Goddess can make you rich, if you let Her. T.A. of Reno, Nevada was desperate: her husband ill and unemployed, four children, a ramshackle rented apartment, and nothing to look forward to. She entered competitions and bought lottery tickets, but was never lucky. But after she worked the Full Moon Spell she felt an urge to visit a casino. She borrowed $30: every chip she laid down won! She repeated the spell each Full Moon, and got lucky each time! Within a year she had bought a new home and was sending her children to private schools. Never forgetting her original plight she gives regularly to charity.
Carla H. experienced a similar transformation.
In two years her luck had leapt in bounds, from living in a rat-infested building to owning several luxury homes. She worked the Full Moon Spell for Good Fortune several times. Her full story is in the book.
An overflowing bank account … jewels … luxuries of every description … all can be yours with regular workings of Moon-Water magic, says the author! His book provides dozens of Moon Spells and Rituals for making Lady Luck shine on you!
People battle against the odds because they are out of step with Lunar Rhythm.
The book gives you Spells for the Waxing Moon.
The ‘waxing’ moon is that time when she grows bigger, from a slim quarter circle to her magnificent fullness: this is the time to ask Her for money and anything else you want Her to bring to you!
Bob F.’s (Toronto) business was in a bad way.
He tried the Money Spell of the Waxing Moon, although he didn't really believe in it – but he was desperate. Within a month he received a massive financial boost from an unexpected source, enabling him to clear his debts. The same Spell worked again, until quickly he became not only solvent but very successful.
A.C. (Manchester) WON HALF A MILLION ON THE POOLS after a recurring dream when he performed the Moon-Water Ritual to Win Contests.
He knew he would get lucky, but he never expected a win on this scale.
D.L.’s (Chicago) life was a miserable one. Five lucky breaks followed after he worked the Moon Ritual for Good Luck, culminating in a $50,000 win in the state lottery.
P.S. (Washington, DC) was broke. His PC had crashed and he desperately needed it repaired. He received $100 within 24 hours after working the Moon-Ritual to Bring Money, enabling him to proceed with the repair.
O.B. (London), living in despair and poverty did not remain so long once he worked the Moon Ritual to Bring Gold. It was in Old Compton Street a chance encounter with Scorpio led him to receive the Ritual. Following a hunch received in a dream
led to an unlikely chain of events in which he received a £100,000 inheritance. He continues to use the Ritual on a regular basis to keep his luck going.
Debt-ridden M.R. (Bradford) received £3,000 two days after working the Moon-Water Ritual to Bring Gold.
A GLASS OF WATER AND A VIEW OF THE MOON IS ALL YOU NEED FOR MOST OF THE SPELLS & RITUALS IN THIS EXCITING BOOK. They can be performed discreetly and without the knowledge of others.
With Moon-Water you can TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE – AND TAKE CONTROL OF OTHER PEOPLE! In the chapter ‘Six Waxing Moon Rituals to Give You Supreme Power Over Others’ you will read how C.J. (Birmingham) exacted an apology from an overbearing supervisor … how J.L. (Liverpool) put an end to the harassment of his wife and children … how R.A. (Memphis) influenced the bank to give him the loan he needed to start a business … how T.E. (Edmonton) obtained justice from a shop which had refused to accept responsibility for selling him faulty merchandise.
When the moon wanes, that’s when She is decreasing in size, the time is right to expel bad luck and undesirable people from your life. If you want to get rid of something or someone then this is the time to work Moon Magic.
It is also the time to separate people. You are given the precise spells to sow discord between others: very useful for severing your children from bad influences or an undesirable suitor; and for dealing with someone who has come between you and your loved one(s). Chapter Four gives: the Nightmare Spell of the New Moon (the author relates how it helped a friend deal with a nasty neighbour); Confusion Spell of the Waning Moon; Waning Moon Spell to Dispel Affection; Invisibility Spell of the New Moon (enables you to spy others’ secret actions without their knowledge).
W.P. (Manchester) had more boys than she could handle after invoking the Moon-Goddess!
C.M. (San Francisco), a divorcee with three children found it hard to find another man. She remarried soon after working the Moon Ritual to Bring Love.
A.D. (Edmonton), aged 60, received a new burst of virility after using the New Moon Nature Spell.
Y.W. from a small town in Idaho was desperately unhappy. A teenage lesbian who was hardly considered attractive performed the New Moon Seduction Spell. ‘Though I believe in magic nothing I ever did before worked, but when I tried this I couldn’t believe my luck. The girl I thought was unattainable became my love slave!’
One of the author’s most extraordinary testimonials came from a man in Los Angeles who never had any luck with women. He was sceptical but he tried the New Moon Sex Appeal Spell. ‘The results exceeded my wildest expectations!’ Full details in the chapter ‘Three New Moon Spells to Give You Total Physical Satisfaction’.
The time of the waxing moon is the time to draw to you what you want! The waning moon is the time for working magic on what you don’t want: debts, nuisance people, etc.
Some of the contents of this amazing book: The Woman Who Cured Her Painful Headaches by Using the Moon-Ritual to Bring Good Health … THE MOON RITUAL TO DISCOVER HIDDEN TALENTS … The Man Who Vanquished His Enemies After Using the Moon-Water Ritual … THE MOON RITUAL TO FIND LOST OBJECTS … The Moon-Ritual to Change the Opinions of Others … MOON RITUAL TO GET A NEW HOME … The Man Who Changed His Boring Life Forever After Using the Moon Ritual for Good Luck … MOON RITUAL TO WIN A LEGAL ACTION … The Woman Who Regained Her Lost Youth After Invoking the Moon-Goddess … Another Woman Became Beautiful and Desirable After Applying the Full Moon Beauty Spell … FOUR NEW MOON SPELLS TO GIVE YOU COMMAND OVER OTHERS … Invisibility Spell of the New Moon … How to Travel Unseen … The Young Woman Who Uncovered Treachery and Found True Love With the Invisibility Spell … The Person Who Got Rid of a Disruptive Visitor with the Full Moon Spell to Exorcise Disharmony.
… FOUR WAXING MOON RITUALS TO PRODUCE WEALTH FOR YOU IN GOLDEN TORRENTS … The Person Who Became a Male Model After Applying the New Life Spell of the Full Moon … The Woman Who Went to the Top of Her Profession After Performing the Banish Opposition Spell of the Waning Moon … The Honours and Fame Ritual of the Waxing Moon … Five Mystic Spells to Magically Smooth Your Path Through Life … The Moon Ritual for Obtaining Secret Knowledge … The Woman Who Paid Off Each and Every One of Her Debts, and Who Remained Out of Debt Ever Since Whilst Continuing to Prosper … SIX MAGICAL RITUALS TO BRING SUPERLATIVE BENEFITS TO YOU … The Secret Behind Moon-Water.
… The Secret Names of the Moon Deity … The Man Who Went From State Dependency to Successful Entrepreneur … The Woman Who Got Her Work Published and Found Fame After Applying the Waxing Moon Spell … The Confusion-Bringing Spell of the Waning Moon … The Man Who Got The Money He Needed Within 24 Hours.
Moon-Water has performed wonders for others – what magic can it do for you?


This is a White Magic Book.

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