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Nature's Secret Weapon


‘Is there anything vinegar can’t do?’

You may well ask yourself this after reading this book, for if there was an all-purpose elixir for health it is this. Not to mention its endless applications in everyday tasks!

Vinegar contains over 90 different components of vitamins and minerals essential to well-being.

This book features over 200 delicious vinegar-based recipes.

(For those who find the taste of vinegar abrasive, mixing it with honey will remove the ‘sting’.)

In addition to the recipes there are scores of simple vinegar treatments, including:

Fast relief from headache … riddance of liver spots … avoidance of food poisoning … immediate relief from nausea … skin disorders … heart problems … relief from neuralgia … fast relief from cold sores, coughs, cramps … fast relief from indigestion … riddance of dandruff … ear infections … bee stings.

Quick relief from: athlete’s foot … anxiety attacks … sunburn … corns and calluses … arthritis … chronic fatigue … sinus … shingles … shrinking varicose veins, and more.

Vinegar is nature’s own bactericide … killing off germs – naturally!

In addition to its ‘miraculous’ healing properties vinegar is a wondrous boon for everyday chores. Modern man uses all sorts of canned products, sprays, which are potentially toxic, but in days long past folk turned to vinegar for cleaning and refreshing.

This book features a mine of tips. Examples: repelling insects … controlling and preventing weeds … natural air refreshing … banishing mildew … removing paint from glass.

Encouraging plant growth … keeping cats away … meat tenderising … rejuvenating pots and pans … brass, copper, chrome … unclogging showerheads … carpet shampoo … kettle de-scaling … hard water deposits … scratched tabletops … hard water film on tiles and glass … riddance of smells, cooking fish, etc.

And much more!

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