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To Make Spells, Rituals & Mind Power Work.


By Stella Scott


Lady makes amazing discovery which guarantees success, no matter how many times you may have previously failed!

Stella Scott began buying mind power and occult books from Finbarr in the late 1970s. She followed these books' instructions and was successful. But then she began failing. She bought more books and their instructions didn't work for her either. She then made a discovery. She found what it took to get results. It was simple, and since then (1981) she has never looked back.
She has now at my (J. Finbarr) bidding, written a booklet, specifically for those who have read other Finbarr books, explaining how to get fast and continuous results.
She once didn't have the money nor a career. Today she has both, and much more, and she puts it all down to the sure-fire way she found for getting results from Finbarr books.
Today Miss Scott is a successful, in-demand hypnotherapist, ritualist and lecturer in psychology. In the north west of England she holds seminars in which she teaches her sure-fire way of succeeding. She is the living embodiment of a successful follower of Finbarr publications. She succeeds continuously:
She visualised buying expensive clothes at Harrods. 17 days later it happened - and it didn't cost her a penny! She performed a ritual to find a flat. Five days later she got it. Whilst in an out-of-body-state she saw how she may be able to get a house. Very soon afterwards the most extraordinary thing happened: she was given a huge amount of money in cash to buy a house of her own!

How these seeming 'miracles' happened are explained in detail by Miss Scott. These amazing events are for real. 'MIRACLES CAN AND DO HAPPEN', she says! I believe her implicitly. I have seen proof of these things in my own life. But remember, it wasn't always like this. She states frankly that for two years she got no results whatsoever. No Finbarr book helped her at all! But she kept on because she new in her heart of hearts that mind power and occultism are not nonsense. THE DISCOVERY SHE THEN MADE CHANGED EVERYTHING. She found that everything boils down to belief. But how can you believe when you have already failed - time and again? SHE FOUND HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!
I am grateful for her discovery, for now any obstacle to success experienced by Finbarr readers can be removed once and for all! Belief is the key - and she knows how to believe in spite of your doubts! She shows how to believe in yourself - without really trying to do so!
Stella Scott is an honest person. I suggested years ago that she should have her findings published. She could have been paid then for this information; but, no she wanted time to get as much authentication as possible. It wasn't enough that it worked for her: she wanted to see other people get results too. And she has witnessed results over and over again.

Miss Scott taught her sure-fire system to her psychology students. Some amazing case-histories:
* A young woman wanted her reluctant boyfriend to propose. For 18 months she visualised and nothing happened. JUST TWO DAYS AFTER ADOPTING MISS SCOTT'S SURE-FIRE METHOD HE PROPOSED! She was flabbergasted!
* A woman had no hope of selling her home. It was blighted by a motorway and she was told she was asking too much for it. 'Nobody will pay what you want for it' she was told. The author explained what she should do. FOUR DAYS LATER A COUPLE APPEARED ON THE DOORSTEP READY TO PAY THE FULL ASKING PRICE.
* A young couple badly needed an attic extension to their home, but there was no way they could raise the £4000 (about $7000) quoted by the builder. They both believed in the mystic power of ritual but nothing happened. Miss Scott made a suggestion and within two weeks they received £4000 out of the blue as an outright gift!

These case histories are true! And even as I write this two completely genuine testimonials have arrived from Miss Scott: A divorcee came to one of her classes. She desparately needed money to do up her terraced house. She also felt a deep need for a loving male companion. Miss Scott told her what to do: a month later she phoned Miss Scott: she had received a totally unexpected windfall of £10,000; she apologised for the noise in the background, for the builders were in working on the house! A few months later she phoned to say she had met the exact type of man she wanted - and they were soon to be married. A lady came to the author to learn how to deal with stress. She was dispirited by a bitter disappointment in love and wanted to leave the country, preferably to France. But given her circumstances this was not possible. Miss Scott outlined the sure-fire way of making the impossible become the possible. SOON SHE WAS LIVING AND WORKING IN PARIS!

Miss Scott believes in the existence of the Astral World which is a virtual replica of the physical world. In this other world there exists guardian angels and spirit guides who seek to help us. Miss Scott shows how to enter this other world. She shows how to meet these loving, beneficent beings and how you may be bathed in the Cosmic Light. These beings hold the keys to your future and can show you how to make your fondest wishes come true in the physical world! She demonstrates how to safely project your invisible astral body - no matter how many times you have failed before! She shows how to glean important information from your dreams. Not everyone, however, is interested in astral travelling and spirit guides. For the more practical-minded she demonstrates the sure-fire way to get self-psychology and mind power to work. She shows how to visualise your desires without difficulty; easily and naturally! She demonstrates the sure-fire way to influence the thoughts and actions of others without them knowing
it! She demonstrates the sure-fire way of releasing your natural healing power. At last - YOU CAN HEAL YOUR OWN BODY AND HEAL OTHERS TOO. With her sure-fire method you will definitely be able to heal, no matter how many times you have previously failed!
Her method can be employed for DRAMATIC SPIRITUAL IMPROVEMENT! You can become a better person! Possess psychic powers! See into the future! See spirit beings! Grow in wisdom! IT CAN ALL HAPPEN QUICKLY WITH THIS SURE-FIRE SYSTEM! Nothing need hold you back again. This wonderful lady has found the key to removing all obstacles to success. But this booklet and you will never look back!

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