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The mere possession of this monograph can change everything!


It dissolves money worries!

It solves love problems!

It heals the mind and soul!

It brings comfort; bestows peace of mind!

One can travel the world and study at the feet of the great masters and gurus and still not have what is here in the SECRET OF SECRETS.

You only need this and nothing more!

You can spend thousands on seminars and in membership fees of mystical organizations and still not have what is here!

It heals. It renews.

No exercises involved. No prayer. No visualization. No rituals.

You need only possess the Secret of Secrets.

For here is what the soul seeks and needs.

It washes away anxiety. Dispels uncertainty.

There is no ‘teaching’ here. Only the revelation of the Secret of Secrets.

Embrace it and be ‘initiated’ in an instant! This is not ‘hype’, for the soul cannot be duped.

Reading and dwelling on it has the most exhilarating effect.

Whatever Jesus taught cannot possibly have been ‘higher’ or better. It takes you to the very heart of yourself – and beyond.

There is nothing to ‘understand’ or ‘learn’.

There is no ‘message’.

One can follow any religion or creed and still be refreshed and renewed by the Secret of Secrets. And when you have read it and allowed it to ‘speak’ to you, you will see why it is called the ‘Secret of Secrets’.

It is not a re-hash of existing ideas. It takes nothing from what you already believe; on the contrary it actually adds to it. It both informs and transcends religious thought.

Accept it and you will receive the most extraordinary reassurance, placing your life and your problems in perspective. It is as if all worries have been lifted from your shoulders – a prelude to the actuality.

Read these words again.

And when you receive the Secret of Secrets you will see why it is called so.

SECRET OF SECRETS, author/ source unknown.

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