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The Secret Power of A Kind Man

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The Secret Power of A Kind Man
by S. R. Gabriel

Wealth, influence, true love, perfect health can be yours – now


Yes, you will want to give me $800 in six months time.
Why? Because, in my booklet, I ask you to do this ONCE YOU HAVE HAD ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.
For in my booklet I show you the true mystic formula that can make your dearest wishes come true.
I did not originate this formula; it was given to me. I accepted it on the basis that I would pay $800 if it worked for me; and the agreement was that I would ask the same of whomever I gave it to.
This strange formula has brought me all I've ever wanted, and even more. I was glad to part with $800.
There is no con. You have only to send me $800, care of Finbarr, after you are convinced that the formula is responsible for your new found wealth.
You only have to possess this formula, and follow the simple instructions that accompany it, in order to receive whatever you want in life.
I had nothing before I received this formula I now have all I want – and more.
The man who gave it to me was only months earlier a penniless pig farmer. He had to pay a wealthy industrialist (or more precisely his surviving daughter) $800 within six months of receiving it. ‘No way,’ he thought – but he did! He became rich. I became rich.
THIS IS NO MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING PLAN OR PYRAMID SELLING SCHEME. At this stage you will be asked only to pay the cost of my booklet. You will not be required to pay a penny more, now or later, unless you become richer as a consequence of using this mystic formula.
All that now holds you back from getting what you want out of life is your self-doubt.
Yet if one is penniless or lonely, or sick, how can one not have self-doubt? Because you do not have something that can remove that doubt.
That something is the mystic formula revealed in my booklet. The moment you receive it your fortunes will change for the better.
YOU CAN NOW HAVE WHATEVER YOU WANT. The undying love of another person … The renewed love of an old flame or the return of a spouse.
YOU CAN BANISH PAIN AND SUFFERING FROM YOUR LIFE. You can regain youth and vigour.
You can get the job you want. You can pass exams and tests. You can rise fast in your profession. Fame can be within your grasp.
It may all sound crazy, I know. I didn't believe it at first.
I now understand some of it, the psychological part, but cannot understand the mystic part. But it is not necessary to understand any of it. It is sufficient just to use it.
You were not put on this earth merely to suffer. You are not here to be poor and unhappy.
You can take control of your circumstances, and it is so much easier than you think.

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