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Ordinary "positive thinking" is no longer enough for coping in today's complex and confusing world.

POWER OF SUPER THINKING Ordinary "positive thinking" is no longer enough for coping in today's complex and confusing world. never before has it been so necessary to be faster, brighter and more goal-orientated in order to succeed in life. This brand new book by an expert in mind science is not only a "survivor's manual" for living in the closing years of the twentieth century, but also a revelation on how to reduce the mental stresses and pressures, so universal. With the help of this book you can now progress, and ACHIEVE MORE WITH LESS EFFORT OR WORK. This is the great news in "The Power of Super Thinking". You can achieve more in life - quicker - for expending a lot less. "Super Thinking" is several steps ahead of positive thinking and hypnosis, and gives you the instantaneous power to DEVELOP A FABULOUS MEMORY... SOLVE PROBLEMS FAST... MAKE MORE MONEY... TREBLE YOUR PRESENT READING SPEED... It is an unusual formula which creates access to higher mental faculties, without recourse to any arduous system of mental disciplining! Super Thinking helps you avoid the limitations of negative thinking and the unrealism of positive thinking. Super Thinking is a alchemical mental process which suddenly changes failure to success, folly to wisdom! It enables you to: * THINK IN A MUCH MORE SUPERIOR MANNER * UTILISE "MIND'S EYE READING" - FASTER AND EASIER THAN "SPEED READING * ABOLISH POOR MEMORY AND POOR SELF-CONFIDENCE * CONCENTRATE NATURALLY AND AUTOMATICALLY, WITHOUT HARD TRYING * ELIMINATE BAD AND UNHEALTHY HABITS In addition to greatly increasing mental ability, Super Thinking literally revolutionises one's financial circumstances. It can help you to: * QUADRUPLE YOUR INCOME * BREAK DOWN "POVERTY BARRIERS" * BECOME AS RICH AS YOU WANT * ENJOY "PERMANENT WEALTH" - KEEP WHAT YOU GET, REGARDLESS OF RECESSION, INFLATION, ETC. ... and this is achieved by using less energy than you do at present. This is not as far-fetched as it may appear. In today's world much more is accomplished with less effort, thanks to computer technology. There is no computer to match the one nature gave you called "mind". Super Thinking enables you to make full use of nature's computer. It shows you how to THINK YOUR WAY OUT OF PROBLEMS AND TO A MUCH MORE REWARDING WAY OF LIVING... and it is as simple as pressing the keys of a computer! The author of this book is Donald Peake, a man who has spent a lifetime studying every facet of mental training and psychology. he has been through all the traditional methods of mind development and regards most of them as energy-consuming and ineffective. Super Thinking is not his creation, by=ut he is probably the first to expound it in terms accessible to the average man and woman. His home address is given in the book for readers wishing to contact him.

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