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The Old Ways To Wish-Fulfilment

‘It is blessed to give’


The Old Ways To Wish-Fulfilment

In days long past, when people were unbur dened by what we call ‘sophistication’ there prevailed a belief that the unseen world was populated by spirits of every kind – goblins, fairies, elementals, angels, and so on – and that these spirit beings were all around us, affecting our daily lives. They could be mischievous and disruptive and measures were taken to placate them.

Open-minded moderns may wonder about such ideas when their keys go missing, only to reappear in a place that was already searched; or when an electrical appliance fails only to inexplicably start working again later; and other baffling phenomena.

But the wise amongst our ancestors knew of ways of getting these beings to work for one.

The secret lies in the magickal idea of ‘the boon’ which depends on the principle of exchange. One asks for ‘a boon’ from the spirits, that is some favour or wish to be granted – in return for a simple offering. This offering can be a lock of your hair or a piece of cake.

In order to receive something you must give something is the magickal premise here.

And it works, according to author Audra, who is one in a long line of mystics versed in the Old Ways. ‘I lack for nothing’, she says. ‘By working with the spirits instead of ignoring them I lead what some may call a “charmed life” but to me it’s entirely natural. What I find unnatural is to watch people struggle daily. There is no need to – ask for a boon, give some thing in return and you will surely be blessed.

‘All my needs are met. I have love, peace of mind and good health. I am never short of money: when I need it, it always appears, some times in the most uncanny of ways.’

The rituals supplied by Audra are so simple that a child can do them.

‘Magick doesn’t have to be complicated. The spirits do the work. You can gain the aid and protection of the unseen. Decide what you want and ask that a boon be granted.’

When you order Audra’s ‘THE BOON – The Old Ways to Wish-Fulfilment’ we will also send you, free of charge, the book ‘190 Magick Incense, Oil & Powder Spells’ by P. Pritchard, MsD, DD, so you will receive two publications instead of one.



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