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Proof that 'invisible' power can be seen.

Proof that 'invisible' power can be seen


By John Godfrey

'Three years ago hair suddenly reappeared on my bald head. Quickly it spread, until all my scalp was covered in a rich, thick growth.'Today I still have it and, despite my age (52), it is my original natural black. Not a silver hair in sight! How did it happen? Some new cream or lotion? No. Surgery? No. IT HAPPENED BECAUSE I STUMBLED UPON THE NATURAL PSYCHIC POWER THAT WE ALL POSSESS, BUT FAIL TO RECOGNISE OR USE!

People look upon the miracles of Jesus as some kind of freak, peculiar to him - things that happened two thousand years ago, but cannot happen now. THE BIBLE ITSELF EXPRESSLY REFUTES THIS NOTION, FOR IN JOHN (14:12) it states: 'The works that I (Jesus) do, so shall you do, and still greater shall you do.' Yet we remain in ignorance, thinking that miracles are impossible or simply unexplained freak occurrences. THE CENTRAL MESSAGE OF JESUS' MINISTRY WAS NOT WHAT MOST PEOPLE SUPPOSE' BUT THAT WE CAN ALL BE FREE OF WHAT LIMITS US OR RESTRICTS US. What I have found is what has always been available to us all, but of which most of us remain ignorant: OUR NATURAL PSYCHIC POWER. We all possess it! There is not a human being who doesn't. IT IS AS NATURAL AND AS MUCH A PART OF US AS ANYTHING ELSE WE HAVE -AND IS THERE AT OUR 'BECK AND CALL', IF ONLY WE WOULD USE IT!
We are all 'psychic'! There is no mystery to its development and use! IT IS ABSOLUTELY NATURAL AND AUTOMATIC! Once you are aware of, and use, your natural psychic power, you can perform seeming 'miracles'! What Jesus said was not a fiction, but TRUTH!

Jesus' power is within us all!
But I have not written a religious booklet. I am not asking you to merely 'believe'. In my booklet, I GIVE THE ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT IT EXISTS AS SURELY AS ANYTHING YOU CAN FEEL AND TOUCH. Let me repeat: I will show you how you can prove absolutely and without contradiction the living reality of psychic power! The sceptics and smart Alecs of this world assert that psychic power is nonsense - that there is 'no proof' it exists. NO SCEPTIC CAN ARGUE WITH WHAT YOU CAN EXPERIENCE DIRECTLY FOR YOURSELF FROM MY BOOKLET. Within moments, you will have the LIVING PROOF that the 'unseen world' is there - that what supposedly 'doesn't exist' is ACTUALLY THERE - and is all around us! We live only half a life, a life based on the lie that what we see and touch is all that there is. Jesus did not preach a message of poverty and abstinence. At the core of his teaching was the need for ABUNDANCE ... LOVE ... PROSPERITY ... GLOWING HEALTH! All these things can be yours when this power is at your BECK AND CALL! I will give you the absolute proof you need, and once you experience it, you will be ready for the next step - USING IT IN YOUR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE. IT IS SO SIMPLE, AND AS NATURAL AND AUTOMATIC AS BREATHING! After I explained this to an 82-year old, his neck muscles finally healed after ten years suffering whiplash. MOREOVER, HIS GUMS STRENGTHENED AND HE BEGAN GROWING NEW TEETH! A little later, he was overjoyed to find his crooked toes were straightening!

With this power you can make pains, aches, migraine, and the like, disappear ... in a flash! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE THE ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT NOT ONLY DOES THIS POWER EXIST, BUT THAT IT ALSO WORKS, FOR WANT OF A BETTER WORD, 'MIRACLES'!

My booklet does not suggest rituals and things like that. YOU CAN EXPERIENCE YOUR OWN NATURAL PSYCHIC ABILITY BY SETTING ASIDE A FEW MINUTES -NO MORE - A DAY. YOU CAN CHANNEL THIS POWER WHATEVER WAY YOU WANT; an end to money worries ... winning the love of another ... gambling wins ... or what else you seek in life! And this is only the beginning! I SHOW YOU ANOTHER 'MIRACLE' YOU CAN WORK FOR YOURSELF ... EASILY AND AUTOMATICALLY: THE ERADICATION - BANISHMENT - OF IRRATIONAL FEAR! An end to phobias! We are all phobic about something - unless we use our natural, God-given psychic power. I will show you how to use it now - and you will marvel at the results! No matter how many phobias you have, you can be rid of them all ... once and for all! One by one, you will find them evaporating ... never to return! Can you imagine - BEING FREE OF (IRRATIONAL) FEAR! You can! And in the place of phobia you will discover a GLOWING INNER CONFIDENCE ... AN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL FEELING OF INNER PEACE! This is what Jesus taught and wanted for us: instead, his message was twisted by negative religionists.

I seek not to discredit the occult, nor ritualism; far from it. WHAT I AM SAYING IS THAT PSYCHIC POWER IS A NATURAL FACULTY, THAT CAN BE REALISED AND EXPERIENCED EASILY AND AUTOMATICALLY. you are going to be amazed. After applying my booklet's content, you will realise that the sceptics and the scoffers are actually people with their heads buried in the sand. THEY ARE IN FACT FRIGHTENED OF WHAT THEY MIGHT FIND! What I find scary is that most of us can go through life IGNORANT of this power and lose out in the process! No wonder so many are burdened by debt, bad luck, ill health. No wonder true happiness and peace of mind eludes them ALL THE GOOD THINGS IN LIFE, WHICH SEEM SO ELUSIVE, ARE JUST THERE FOR THE TAKING! But how so? How can one get 'the good', when all there is is 'the bad?' Well, first you rid yourself of the bad. That gone - and that can happen far easier than you can imagine - the way is open for the good. I have never looked back: I own a beautiful lakeside home from where I work, living with the most wonderful person, whom I met as a result of using psychic power. I make as much money as I need. But it wasn't always like that. Previously, I had enough 'bad luck'. I tried magic words and spells, but they didn't work. Prayer wasn't of much use either. I am not saying these things don't work for everybody - its just that they didn't for me. Meditation helped me relax, but wasn't much help for my problems. Positive thinking helped - but only a little. I JUST DIDN'T GRASP THAT ALL ALONG I POSSESSED NATURAL PSYCHIC POWER - THAT VERY SAME POWER THAT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US POSSESSES, YET FOR THE MOST PART ARE UNAWARE OF. Gambling is one of my weaknesses. Previously it spelt trouble, for I was always losing. Now I can enjoy it. I GAMBLE ONLY WHEN I KNOW I AM GOING TO WIN AND NO OTHER TIME. Rarely, if ever, am I disappointed! Natural psychic power make this possible. I use it and trust its guidance implicitly. It never lets me down. I am not a religious person in the normal sense of the word, but I do realise and appreciate now what Jesus really meant, and why the Church have always been so keen to obscure his message.. WE ARE MEANT TO BE FULFILLED, HAPPY AND CONTENT! The only thing wrong about gambling is that we lose! It isn't wrong when we WIN and we prosper. And I make a habit of giving a percentage of my good fortune to worthy charities and good causes: it is my way of saying 'Thank you' for my blessings. I don't wish to lose my luck. Gaining from psychic powers obliges us to be grateful for it. I no longer curse my bad luck, but bless my good, of which I have much.

I can cite you story after story of how this power has turned around the lives of so many, but I want you to discoVer the REALITY for yourself. No amount of good luck enjoyed by another is going to change your situation. YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS FOR YOURSELF. Let me let you in on something else. With psychic power at your beck and call, you will realise that you can GAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUTURE. You will also be able to anticipate the actions of others in advance. You can eveN 'leave your body' and travel invisibly to other places and to other people, WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE. YOU CAN OBTAIN INVALUABLE INFORMATION, ENABLING YOUR PLANS TO COME TO FRUITION. Science fiction? No, you can do it - if you want. Safely and without problems. Much nonsense has been written about 'astral projection'; fear of not being able to get back into your body, and so on. There is no mystery and no danger. You may not be interested, but the information is here if you want it. I personally love 'astral travelling'; I find it exhilarating and it certainly beats drugs, hallucinations, and the rest; it is only another aspect of natural psychic power, there to use if you want it. And knowing the future'. 'Fate' is what happens when we don't know it. If we can see it, we have the option of changing it. We are not left helpless in a cruel, merciless universe.

Whatever you now lack YOU CAN HAVE. Everything you need to know is detailed in my booklet. I believe Jesus Christ was perhaps the wisest teacher of matters psychic; he understood the laws of the universe; NATURAL LAWS. In centuries to come, things today considered bizarre and unbelievable will be commonplace. Jesus was always of his time. He is still ahead of it today. But you don't have to wait -THIS THRILLING KNOWLEDGE CAN BE YOURS NOW. It is so enjoyable to use; so easy, so NATURAL; and you will truly know what it is to have POWER AT YOUR BECK AND CALL.


This is a White Magic Book.

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