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36 Talismans of Power

According to author Jonathan Posman, the 36 talismans he presents are ‘specifically for the magician desiring immediate results’. ‘Used by mystics of ancient Tibet,’ he says, ‘these talismans have been kept secret until now. Only now is it permissible for them to be made public, and then only to the chosen.’

He explains the purpose of each talisman and how to get the best results. The talismans include: Astral Projection … Gaining Large Amounts of Money … Protection When Travelling … Obtaining the Love of a Specific Person … Good Health … Influencing the Weather … Telekinetic abilities – Moving Physical Objects Through the Power of the Mind … Summoning Your Guardian Angel to Appear … Successful and Safe Conception … Successful Job Interview … Overcomng Any Phobia. $23.99.

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