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The Simple Rite That Changed My Life

There Is Hope. Prayers Are Answered. There Is A Universal Presence That Cares For You.

by Alfred Palmer

Can a person's life be transformed through simple acts of magick? Do 'miracles' really happen? We believe they do, and we believed Alfred Palmer when he wrote to us saying, 'I give you my solemn word that what I have written is the truth, and the rite I describe has worked for me, and I perform it regularly whenever the need arises'.
For 30 years Mr Palma led what he describes as a 'monotonous, uninteresting life'. A self-confessed failure he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when he received the inspiration for the mystic rite which would change everything.
'Thanks to this little secret I am a changed man. I am calmer, happier... My financial situation has improved; so has my health, and at last I have found someone who really cares for me and loves me.'
From being a non-entity he is now famous in his homeland. He wrote, 'I am now a successful poet. My Maltese translation of Dante's "Divine Comedy" has been widely acclaimed, and I am currently working on a translation of Shakespear's great tragedy "Romeo & Juliet", which will be published towards the end of this year (1994).'
Mr Palma's simple rite requires conviction - the conviction that everything can turn on the execution of a set of mystic gestures and words. We know that this rite is potent by its very nature; and through Divine Intervention he received the inspiration he needed in his darkest hour.
Mr Palma's integrity is beyond doubt. He tells his desperate story and his transformation in a short 4-page monograph. He does not make money from the sales of this monograph, and neither have we written anything here that is not in his work. The modest charge we make for this monograph is to cover promotion and distribution costs.

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