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The Unstoppable Force Of The Universe
Usually affirmations are self-help for the affirmer, helping him or her to excel in some given thing, but Elise Elgar takes them to a new level of potency.
She claims, and this has long been believed by many mystics, that affirmations can not only work on the affirmer’s mind but also on the minds of others too.
The link between people’s minds is the Universal Mind. By believing that he or she is invoking a cosmic force, and not merely the power of one’s own mind, the affirmations become unstoppable in their reach!
Such she calls ‘Power Affirmations’ and powerful they are indeed! This book takes affirmations out of the merely psychological and into the cosmic!
Seen another way, affirmations can be viewed as ‘spells’ but without the ritual!
Miss Elgar demonstrates how Positive Affirmations can:
• Make A Particular Person Your Loyal & Devoted Friend.
• Make A Particular Person Your Lover.
• Get Rid of a Lover.
• Make Someone Contact You.
• Make Someone Your Love Slave.
These are in addition to affirmations for: Attracting Good Friends … Good Fortune … Gambling Luck … Charisma … Finding a Lover … Protection of Your Person … Protection of Your Home … Money …Finding a Job … Success. Controversial are the Positive Affirmations covering control of others. These are pursued at the reader’s risk and include: Hypnotic Mind Control of Another Person … Making Another Mind Obsessed … Taking Revenge on Someone Who Deserves It … Cursing an Enemy … etc.
Clearly most readers will not use such affirmations, but those that do are also given the affirmations for releasing someone from their control, lifting a curse and allowing the victim peace of mind.
On much safer ground are Positive Affirmations for:
• Fertility.
• Safe Pregnancy.
• An Easy Birth.
• Banishing Evil From The Home.
• Becoming More Creative.
• Healing.
• Keeping Good Health.
• Astral Travel.
Positive Affirmations trigger the inner mind of the affirmer and the mind of the Universe, creating an irresistible unstoppable force, assuring one of success.
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