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Yes – you can actually ‘see’ and ‘hear’ winners in advance. This unique monograph reveals how the inner mind can be MADE to yield up its secrets. Mystics of all persuasions are agreed that the inner mind knows everything: past, present – and future. And yet so few pursue the incredible potential of it. Some who have tried it have failed because they went about it the wrong way.

Jim Barry, author of this monograph and with twenty years’ experience of the subject, declares emphatically that there is no mystery to it, that it is exceedingly simple, and that no ‘special powers’ are required. And he explains exactly why some who have tried, failed. ‘The inner mind will not and cannot fail you, if you go about it the right way’, he says. The vital information you need is usually communicated through dreams. That for some is a difficulty, as they never dream, or cannot remember their dreams. ‘This does not matter’, says the author, ‘for the inner mind still finds a way to tell you what you want to know.’

No rituals, no candles, no positive thinking or visualization.

Simple instructions that could change your life for ever.

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