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Back In Print After Many Years

Back In Print After Many Years

Basil Crouch's

Copies of this sought after out-of-print book have been changing hands at £500 a time: now we have re-printed it, its knowledge can be shared by all again.

The Power Of Mentative Mind - The Spirit Helper - Power Of The ITIM

The following are extracts from Mr Crouch's introduction in the book, edited to fit this advertisement:
'The power of mind is electrical by nature and can be scientifically measured with instruments. I Call it "Mentation".
'I have encountered those who could make flowers bloom in less than five minutes.
'I have seen people crippled made whole by Mentation.
'I have met and talked with men and women who could cause the phone to ring and what is perhaps more wonderful, I have seen these people command that a certain person (who was named by me) call happen through Mentation.
'This power is avaiable to all. It is the Secret of a Lifetime.
'It is in fact an invisible servant there at your call whenever you need it.
'Whilst I have held positions of authority and ran my own businesses, for most of my life I haven't had to work at all - for the money comes to me as and when I need it.
'Since discovering Mentation... I have never lacked money; I have not wanted for anything.
'I have explained Mentation to young people in positions of hopelessness whose circumstances then changed out of all recognition. I have watched them go from poverty to affluence in a matter of months.
'I explained it to a guitar player I found busking on a corner. He subsequently became an international pop star. He kept my card and has since repaid me many times over in lavish gifts.
'Mentation knows no limits. It knows only prosperity and healing.
'It can make you rich - believe me, IT CAN.
'If you know how much you want and exactly what you want, through Mentation you will receive it.
'I will show you a method that has enable me to cure children of diseases.
'It enabled me to cure myself.
'It's the Secret of a Lifetime. I have studied with advanced occultists, adepts; persons able to de-materialise and re-materialise at will.
'There is no great mystery to it. No complicated rituals to follow.
'Mentation locks directly into Cosmic Mind: it can and WILL make things happen for you.
'Some folk need a religious dimension, but you don't need this with Mentation although Jesus would have been a master at it. Mentation is scientifically demonstrable. But it is also a spiritual experience. The Secret of a Lifetime.
'You are going to learn that the Unseen Helper exists. You will discover it yourself.
'I will show how your money can be multiplied, beginning with the very cash you have right now in your pocket.
'This power can turn you into a magnetic personality... magnetising to yourself all the things you seek.
'A young man saw his shyness vanish, and he got the girl he wanted.
'I found a lad in the darkest depression. Only what I taught him could bring him out of it. Unusual - you might say 'mad' - but work for him it did.
'Get rid of ulcers - you can!
'There is nothing that can withstand Mentalism. I have studied the power of mind in every corner of the world: I have witnessed the unbelievable.
'You can experience the "unbelievable". It is the Secret of a Lifetime and it is here.
'It was a Tuesday and there was no way my son could afford the yatch that was offered to him. By the Thursday he owned it. In this case, you will read of a small amount of money effectively increasing itself by a factor of 1000.
'A man was lost without his eye-glasses. I explained something called "Telementation" to him: a week later HE COULD SEE PERFECTLY WITHOUT HIS GLASSES AT ALL.
'I call this the "Secret of a Lifetime": use it and you will call it the same.

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