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Mind and Body Healed … Renewed

‘Ishara’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Spirit’ … the Spirit which informs and permeates all living things. It is the Universal Consciousness or Life Force.

According to author Genieve Forrester, Ishara can be controlled to restore lost health and youth. This idea is based on an ancient teaching passed down from India to Egypt and on to the Hebrews and still taught and practised today by ‘holy men’ in the Himalayas allegedly hundreds of years old.

Not everyone wants to live centuries, but almost everyone wants to preserve their looks and control the ageing process.

Her book makes it plain how it’s done. Whilst others say that Universal Consciousness informs the body’s cells they don’t tell how to actually influence the process.

She shows how the ageing process can be controlled at source – by uniting with the Life Force itself. This is achieved by a series of simple steps.

The body continuously produces new cells, each generation being inferior to the one they replace. Hence ageing and disease.

The solution is to ensure that the new cells are equal to those that they replace. This is the ultimate answer to chronic health conditions.

From head to toe, one can be made completely new!

You do not have to be experienced in meditation to benefit. It is not yoga. All you need is the will to follow this programme and some privacy (although after a while that is not necessary).

Within a short time the reader will begin to feel a quickening of circulation and a general feeling of vigour; followed by a surge in brain power with keener concentration and memory recall.

‘At age 86, after six years of this programme’, says Miss Forrester, ‘I feel like a completely new person, mind, body and soul, and look forward to the future with vigour and relish!'

‘Middle age supposedly begins as early as age 28 when the body begins to degenerate. I only wish I had learnt of the power of Ishara when I was 27 and then I could have stayed 27 forever!’

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