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Magic Mind Influence for a Lifetime of Happiness and Fortune

The amazing secret of PSYCO-TEL POWER can


Within hours starts to draw Riches, Love, Possessions, Friends, Power,

Secret Knowledge, and much more into your life!

So claims a brilliant psychic researcher in his book, ‘Psycho-Tellics: Magic Mind Influence for a Lifetime of Happiness and Fortune’. In it Marcus Bottomley reveals how this power can bring forth from the invisible world your desire like a blazing streak of lightning. He tells of how:

  • A lowly-paid clerk amazingly gets the Ferrari she dreamt of! (Page 27)
  • A man receives a badly needed pay rise! (Page 30)
  • A lonely man, not good looking and virtually penniless, becomes a hit with the girls! (Page 52)
  • A young woman gets rid of a painful and unsightly boil on her face! (Page 95)
  • A woman gets the man who previously ignored her! (Page 55)
  • Man gets an idea that makes him millions! (Page 40)
  • Wife stops husband from seeing other women! (Page 70)
  • Woman finds missing jewellery! (Page 115)

    For many years Marcus Bottomley dreamed of a way to call upon the invisible forces at work all around us. He spent a lifetime digging and searching for the secret. These investigations  brought him knowledge that goes back to the dim recesses of the past. One day to his astonishment, he discovered that he could actually broadcast silent commands which others instantly obeyed. Using the secret he tells you about in this book, he tried it time after time—commanding others to sleep, get up and come to him, talk or not talk—and act accordingly to his silent wishes—it worked every time.

    Working tirelessly from the evidence, Mr Bottomley perfected a method called the Psycho-Tellic Power Intensifier which, he claims, can make anyone like putty in your hands.

    A lady, after using this book, wrote: ‘I willed him to pick up the cat and stroke it. He did. I willed him to  wash the dishes. He did. I willed him to switch off his phone. He did.’

    ‘I willed my two sons to stop squabbling. They did so immediately.’ ‘All without me uttering a single word.’

    ‘No one can escape this power’, says the author, ‘be they high or low, rich or poor, wise or ignorant—everyone is subject to its spell and unless they’re told what’s being done they will think that the thoughts are their own.’

    Another experimental breakthrough was in finding that he could actually  ‘tune in’ and hear thoughts of others. He says, ‘At first these hearing impressions startled me, and I took them for actual speech, until I realized that people don’t actually say such things aloud and their lips remained sealed.’

    And distance is no obstacle. It works just the same whether the person is right in front of you or thousands of miles away.

    With Psycho-Tel Power the mightiest force in the Universe is at your command. Just ask for whatever you desire—be it riches, fame, popularity, possessions or love.

    This book’s exciting content includes:

    Psycho-Tellic Vision for riches, winning in games of chance and seeing into the future—how to receive money-making ideas—how one man made a roaring success of his life—unleashing Psycho-Tel Power for financial wealth—how a woman keeps winning at bingo—the secret of Psycho-Hypno Command.

    How the Psycho-Tel Earphone can make you more money—the Psycho-Tellic Memory Intensifier—the secret of instant recall—excelling in tests and exams—how to boost your brain power one hundred-fold.

    The woman who brought a culprit to book—how to programme yourself for perfect health with Psycho-Tel Power—gaining the absolute protection of  the Archangel Michael—how to read the signs, omens and portents from the Cosmic Mind—The woman who averted assault.


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