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Master Words trigger the hidden, magnetic psychic centres of your mind - hence their amazing power.

by Veronica Reade

Here is a revolutionary mind power concept that, once applied, can immediately solve your personal problems, and help gain your desires! Too goo to be true? Not at all! The secret lies in the power of certain words that once spoken in a certain manner, induce an immediate positive state of mind! It is like hypnosis... only much better! These easily pronounced English "Master Words" are simply miraculous in the effects they produce... and they work INSTANTANEOUSLY! Whatever your problem - lack of confidence, lack of energy, lack of good health, lack of money - a Master Word can begin solving it as if by the simple press of a button! Master Words are not superstitious nonsense: they work and are based upon the latest findings is psychology and paranormal research! The author, a hard-headed career woman, accidentally "stumbled on" the mystic power of "Master Words" at, of all occasions, a business board meeting! A student of mental Science, she worked on her discovery, asked friends to try it out, consulted with psychologists and hypnotherapists and found that in some strange, almost inexplicable way, Master Words worked for everyone, no matter what their situation! Miss Reade has now written this book which she says can be the answer to your prayers, now. it is NOT hypnotism - NOT witchcraft; its power can be used by anyone, any place, anywhere, anytime. No rituals: just simple immediate, practical results for problems that demand immediate action! According to the author, in this unusual, inspiring book you will read about:
* A MASTER WORD THAT IMMEDIATELY INDUCES RELAXATION IN STRESSFUL SITUATIONS! Be relaxed during an exam - during driving lessons - before an interview - during a speech.
* RECEIVE INSTANT CONFIDENCE FOR ANY SITUATION! Read hoe one young man, painfully tense and without faith in himself, changed almost overnight after using the secret from Master Words!
* GAIN FREEDOM FROM TENSIONS! Read the true story of how two businessmen, under stress and prone to illness, began "new lives" when they used this powerful secret! Now they accomplish more than before, and seem always so relaxed!
* GAIN FREEDOM FROM POVERTY AND BEGIN A NEW LIFE OF WEALTH AND OPPORTUNITY! Master Words can accomplish seeming "miracles", even in financial matters! You can be freed from the worry of trying to make ends meet, and get money flowing to you in a mysterious, wonderful way! You will be amazed!
* END BAD LUCK - ATTRACT CONSTANT GOOD FORTUNE! Here is a secret more powerful than any "lucky charm". Use this power and you will discover the secret of perpetual good luck!
* COMMAND PERSONAL PROTECTION! Can we protect ourselves from accidents and misfortune? With Master Words the answer is "yes" because these powerful words reach into the subconscious mind, which, according to parapsychologists, knows in advance about everything that befalls us! With this power you can beat "fate" at its own game!
* ACQUIRE PERFECT POWERS OF CONCENTRATION! No longer need you be hampered by poor concentration! Simple Master Words invoke instantly - your latent powers for single-minded concentration and perfect memory-recall. This is a must for all those engaged in study!
* INCREASE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ENERGY! Why always be tired? Rejuvenate mind and body, and build powerful stamina with fabulous psychic secret!
* ACTIVATE CREATIVE TALENTS! Do you believe that you have it in you to write a book, music, paint, etc, but feel that you lack the right "inspiration"? Master Words will activate the "inspiration" for you, and start you on what could possibly be a new, exciting life!
* GAIN LOVE AND AFFECTION! Why remain a moment longer without the love and admiration of a member of the opposite sex? try a Master Word and watch your power of magnetic attraction grow!
* DEVELOP ASSERTIVENESS! Are you timid, and feel that you are always at the worst end of every transaction? You can gain immediate help from Master Words! People will be astonished at the change in you, and you will win their respect.
* DIFFICULTY IN SLIMMING? A Master Word will put you on the right track! Regular use of this secret will summon will power and the obedience of your body in a manner that will astound you!
* ATTRACT A SOUL MATE! tired of "dead-end" love affairs? Master Words can invoke the joys of true love and make your dream person appear!
Master Words trigger the hidden, magnetic psychic centres of your mind - hence their amazing power. They cannot harm because they are impregnated only with positive and loving vibrations that can do nothing but help you! Their power can be utilised for any and every purpose, including: improving poor health... inducing sleep... replacing fear with courage... control unruly people/animals... develop will power... find a lost person or article... eliminate bad habits... free your mind from worry... subdue pain... erase "guilt" feelings... replace nervousness with calm and confidence.

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