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Through Mind Power you can overcome any kind of phobia.

by D.V. Matthews

The author writes:

The bulk of the black magician’s work is through mind power alone – not rituals and curses.
My book is about mind power.
There are no rituals; no summoning of devils and demons.
But what do we mean by ‘mind power’? It is the creative use of thought and mental imagery.
What makes a black magician’s approach different? It is intention
Let me illustrate. There is something I present as a ‘little trick’. You’re a man and you’re at a party or some social function. A particular female interests you. Use of mind power will make her aware of you, so you introduce a ‘little trick’ and just by a few simple words, with your projection of thought, you can get her interested – very interested – in you.
This could be called ‘instant hypnosis’ or ‘mentalism’ or whatever; but it happens without her hardly realising it. Certainly no-one else present will realise it; but it will have achieved its purpose.
Some would call this ‘immoral’. Enter black magic – that’s what it’s about. Any text on hypnosis or mentalism will tell you you mustn’t use it ‘for immoral purposes’. But there’s a devil in all of us and it is precisely for immoral purposes we want to use it!
In any field of the occult, mind power is everything.
Without it you can’t go far. Succeed with mind power and all ritualism becomes a piece of cake.
Usually writers on mind power stay clear of making specific claims for fear of offending someone.
As a black magician I have no such sensibilities.
The reader of my book is smarter than that.
For instance, mind power and health claims are considered taboo. You mustn’t claim this and you mustn’t claim that. Someone, somewhere is going to be offended.
But the reality is that virtually every health problem – if not all – is susceptible to the power of the mind.
I give examples in my book of cancerous tumours dissolved by the application of mind power and nothing else. These are authentic examples, not fake. Why stoop to fakery when the real thing is so much better?
I know for an absolute fact that most acute health problems respond to the power of mind. I don’t have to make up anything and I have no time for those who do. Because I see genuine results all the time.
Follow my book’s instructions and you will also see genuine results.
Mind power it not hocus pocus: quite the contrary, as you will discover in my book. I accept the criticism of ‘hocus pocus’ when it comes to black magic ritual (even though I know it works), but that charge against mind power alone just won’t stand up.
You can make yourself a magnet to others through mind power, the black magician’s way.
There is no limit to the power of imagination.
Do people take you for granted? You can change that.
Are you sick of feeling short-changed? Even bad luck can be changed through mind power.
You can gain the respect of others.You can become a magnet to the person or persons you seek to attract.
You can improve your financial status.
You need not want for money.
You can make people want to give you things: not against their will, but because they want to!
Through mind power alone you can create your own aura of beneficence: that is, others will want to be your benefactor: they will want to do things for you, help in any way they can; even give you money!
You can possess personal magnetism: that elusive quality that magnetically and irresistibly pulls!
This is true power. And without lighting a single candle!
It will seem like magic – but then magic always starts in the mind.
You can overcome a fear of people and become that dynamic, self-confident person that you previously thought you never could be!
With mind power you need NEVER BE SHORT OF MONEY.
But mind power is not mere psychology or positive thinking. It operates through the psychic charge of the subconscious – that lower strata of consciousness which releases amazing energy.
All these things are explained in my book, including how to defend against psychic attack and how to return curses to their sender!
I can show how you may never be vulnerable to psychic attack: and all through the simple application of mind power.
You needn’t want for anything again.
I want you to see tangible results. My book is easy to follow.
Trust your instincts: ‘A Black Magician’s Secrets of Mind Power’ is a book you know you should have.

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