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Many have addictions which, no matter how they try, they cannot break. Be it an addiction to alcohol, nicotine, drugs, food or something too embarrassing to admit to, there seems to be no easy way to end it. Psychological help often fails.

Before there was what we call ‘psychology’ there was magic. Perhaps that is why there are less documented cases of addiction in the ancient world. Magic is the answer.

Unlike most books on magic this one harnesses the Christian viewpoint along with the pagan. Both the Lord’s Prayer and the Druid’s Prayer are here!

There is a magic element to Christianity which many tend to overlook (indeed the Bible is full of ‘magic’!).

Author S. Rob’s primary concern is to help the reader to achieve real progress, no matter what.

All it takes here is to follow the easy magic programme which involves little effort. And certainly the average Christian will feel very comfortable with it.

Yet this is still ‘magic’, meaning what it says – the alteration of self or circumstances in a manner inexplicable to logic.

What is here is nowhere else in print. It takes the addicted down a different road – a much more comfortable one, where for so little effort, tangible results can be seen. Yet it goes further, for the reader will experience a positive shift, becoming a much better and more confident person.

Indeed you will find that this takes you on the magic up and up and in magic – unlike addiction – there is no coming down!

Satisfaction awaits the reader; upward and no turning or slipping back.

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