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The Prospering Prayer of The Pleroma

Author M. Maximus defines prosperity as simply being 'better off' than one is now and becoming even more better off as time passes. For many this is merely a dream, for no matter how they try nothing ever changes. But things can be different with The Prospering Prayer of The Pleroma – the Pleroma being the ancients' idea of the totality of all spiritual power; the ALL, as hard as it is for some to grasp, even greater than 'God'. This Prayer impregnates the subconscious mind to release the opportunities that you seek to appear in your life. It is a recipe for long term improvement in your life.

Through the Pleroma you can prosper in everything. No ritual or visualisation required. This Prayer is all you need, plus your desire for a better life. This Prayer makes it happen. It is based on an irresistible formula for success. 'It is impossible to remain on the spot with this Prayer', says the author. 'It takes you irresistibly forward, opening doors and paving the way for success in your endeavours.'

More money, secure employment, a better job, promotion, wins, people giving you things, 'life going your way' – it all comes into play through the Prospering Prayer of The Pleroma, claims the author.

It inspires, it uplifts, and it works. 'I owe all my own wealth to it', says the successful author. It is simple and can be used by anyone. You will be glad you tried it.

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