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The Chinese best kept secret!



The Chinese best kept secret!


Revealed – ancient Oriental technique which brings immediate relief to any number of ailments!

In his report, ‘AMAZING CHINESE HEALING METHOD’, author Jack O’Shea, DPM, reveals a curative process which seems as ‘miraculous’ as it is ‘amazing’! The principle underlying this is the belief that the body not only can tell you what is wrong but also gives you the immediate means to deal with it!

According to this principle, the torso has built-in ‘warning’ points which can alert one to a problem. These points have to be activated in order to make themselves known.

The report reveals the exact loca tion of these points and all one has to do is gently rub them with one’s fingertips! This anybody can do, even the disabled, for these points are located within easy reach at the front of the body –not at the back or some inaccessible place!

If there is a problem the body will reveal it through a mild sensation. And the good news is that you can treat the spot to gain immediate relief!

Occasionally symptoms may disappear on the spot! Other wise, one continues the process until relief comes!

It takes a few seconds at a time, several times a day!

This is a marvellous tool for self-diagnosis – to establish if there is something wrong with you or not.

It can be used alongside any existing treatment one is having and it doesn’t interfere with medication.

Even if you press the wrong points no harm is done!

It is totally harmless, but the gains from it can be incalculable!

The points are described for the major organs like the stomach, bladder, lungs, chest, etc., so each and every one of them can be treated, if necessary.

As one sees the results a wonderful feeling of being in control is experienced!

This is immediate help when you need it! On your terms! With precious little effort or time!

If one is in perfect health this method can be employed to give yourself frequent check-ups. It will warn you if something is about to go wrong in your body. And if a problem is already developing it can stop it in its tracks.

You will bless the day you found this! An invaluable help.

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