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Compel someone to love you forever. One powerful ritual can do it!

by Kam Ottoyo

Is there someone of the opposite sex whom you would like to magickally compel to love you? … Are you anguished at the loss of your love and would dearly love to secure his/her return by magickal means? … Do you desire to magickally compel a never ending flow of money in your direction? These things you can make happen with the awesome powers of African Magick Rituals! You do not have to be from Nigeria or Ghana to practise this powerful magick – any Westerner can do it, and no strange, hard to get occult materials are required for its implementation! Ancient African magick is an irresistible force that no agency can defy, and with the help of this manual, written by a life-long practitioner of this Art, you can now employ it to fulfil your fondest desires! The mighty magick in the manual, we must caution you, is not to be used lightly or in jest, for its results are certain, and sometimes irreversible! Neither is it, we should stress, suitable for those easily shocked or of a religious leaning. Whilst there is nothing evil in this manual, its rituals are invariably corporeal, and highly efficacious in results! Having said that, we can outline some of the things which, according to the author, can be obtained from following the manual’s instructions:
* Make a complete stranger fall in love with you!
* Compel someone to love you forever. One powerful ritual can do it!
* Compel a partner to be true: a ritual that will kill forever his/her interest in anyone but you!
* Destroy an affair your partner may be having with another – such an affair cannot survive this ritual!
* Compel an ex-partner to come back to you. This ritual can magickally bring back what you had thought had gone forever: it is fantastically powerful and cannot fail.
* Compel an unwanted partner to leave you. One simple ritual can do it – quickly and permanently!
* Magickally acquire a ”Midas touch” in financial matters: attract money, good luck, fortune from many sources!

Each ritual is lucidly explained and can be performed in the privacy of one’s home. Here is powerful, real magick, without gimmickry, which is inexorably effective. If you thought you had to sell your soul to the Devil in order to get this kind of forbidden knowledge, forget it. It is now yours to have. (Publisher’s note: The information in this manual has never been published before. Its taboo material has been passed verbally, in secret, from one generation of African wizards to another, to the author. We believe that every practising Western occultist should have a copy of this unique manual: try these rituals and you may want to forget the ones you have been using up to now!)


This is a Black Magic Book.

This is a Witchcraft Book.

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